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It’s our pleasure to welcome you to the GNA community. Upon completion of this form, you will have taken the first step toward being included in our forthcoming national directory for patients and loved ones.

Our goal is to provide the public with easy access to qualified patient advocates across the country. The more profiles we gather, the quicker we can reach out to those in need.

With professional certification on the horizon and advocacy awareness on the rise, now is definitely the time to join our national movement.

Thank you for helping us as we take patient advocacy to the next level.
Step 1

Your Name and Credentials

Please provide your name and credentials. Please don’t include your job title or job description.
The following are effective examples:
Judy Smith, RN, iRNPA
Marco Gonzales, MD, LCSW
Joseph Waterman, MSW, JD.
Step 2

Contact Information

Provide the name of your advocacy business or employer.
Step 3

Formal Education

Provide any secondary and/or advanced degrees. Include certificates. 
The following are effective examples:
Princeford State University, B.A. Social Work, 1972
USCLA, Graduate Certificate in Patient Advocacy,  2017
Step 4

Professional Organizations & Affiliations

Please list any memberships or affiliations you have with any pertinent professional organizations.
The following are effective examples:
International Life Care Association, 1999-2002
NAHAC, 2014-present
APHA, 2015-present
Step 5

How I Can Help

This is the most important information you can provide. Directory users will likely be in crisis and they’ll need to know your greatest strengths immediately.
The following is an effective example:
“I negotiate medical insurance bills and appeals and direct clients to the best health insurance and long term care insurance coverage; I assist with Medicare, Medicaid and with the selection of nursing homes and other long term settings” 
Step 6

Why I Became a Professional Healthcare Advocate

This is your chance to put that personal touch on your profile.  Everyone has a story about how they broke into advocacy and this is the place to tell that story.  All we ask is that you keep it short and simple.
The following is an effective example:
"My experience advocating for my sister, who was severely injured at a young age, opened my eyes to the need for the skills I acquired I’ve have always had a passion for people with a particular interest in helping the elderly"
Step 7

Insurance Information

Please provide your liability insurance details below.  Will not be published.
Terms and Conditions

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1) I grant GCA the right to publish my professional information.
2) I agree to abide by the standards and best practices of NAHAC and APHA
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